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Author R.J. Palacio Motivates Audience to "Choose Kind" in Action and Spirit


R.J. Palacio addressed a full house on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 at the Millburn High School discussing how she came up with the idea for her book and how the message of the book has launched an international revolution inspiring all to embrace the theme of choosing kindness everyday. Over 700 people listened intently to how a book about an ordinary 10-year old boy with a facial deformity resonated with tens of thousands of readers of all ages.

Ms. Palacio passionately spoke to the audience on the virtues of respect, tolerance, and inclusion as a means to heal a world so often divided by cruelty, judgment, and bullying. She shared examples of what students across the country are doing to show empathy and kindness in everyday life. The talk also gave students the opportunity to ask questions and have their books.

Palacio, has written The New York Times bestselling book, Wonder, which is required reading for all sixth grade students entering Millburn Middle School and has sold over 1.5 million copies since it was published in 2012. 

Above: The preview of the film adaptation of Wonder, staring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, which will be released in April 2017.

"They say I must be one of the wonders 
Of God's own creation
And as far as they see, they can offer
No explanation"

Wonder, Natalie Merchant