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Over $150,000 in Grants Awarded in 2016

Millburn High School

MHS Robotics, David Farrell

Adventure Education Phase 2, Mark Friedrich    

Film Studio Upgrade, Gabriel Rhodes     

STEM Maglev Car Design, Patricia Taylor     

Chemistry Electrochemical Cell Design, Michelle Rosenthal            

Math Path III, Kelly Brandt        

In Shape for Teens with Special Needs, Michele Acitelli        

Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour,  Jessica Siegel         

Pottery Wheels 3D Honors, Christine Vos        

Big Read,  Jessica Siegel         

Burn Magazine Premier Issue, Susan Bromirski         


Millburn Middle School

STEAM Cycle Courses, Michael Cahill 



Family Learning Programs, Salazar, Simon Westfall-Kwong 


Glenwood: $11,129

Lighting Up Learning with STEAM, Princiotto,  Percarpio         

ELL Technology, apps,  Jordan & Lori Princiotto  

12 C's, Dr. Jasin         


Hartshorn: $11,096

Creating a Sensory Smart Classroom, Kathleen Small

Battle of the Books, Kathleen Small 

Listening Centers, Annalisa Kenyon

Classrooms in Motion, Kenneth Frattini

Stand Up for Our School, Kenneth Frattini 


South Mountain

Interactive Easel Boards, Scott Wolfe 



Kinesthetic Classroom, Kerry Emmanouilidis 

Nearpod : Danielle Kackessy 


Interactive Smart Board, Scott Wolfe

Our children will reap the educational benefits for years to come.